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The instinct and attention to detail that Kaplan Pro photographers provide make all the difference when commemorating the most important moments of your life. At Kaplan Pro Photo, my associates and I have spent our lives passionately preserving our own special moments through photography. As children, we were introduced to the pure exhilaration of taking pictures; as students, we eagerly learned refined our craft through formal coursework, and hands on instruction. Now, as professionals, we continue to expand our knowledge base and refine our skills, as we share our talent with the community.

By Inna Kaplan’s eighth birthday, she had lived in eight different cities in five different countries. Each of the locales offered it’s own level of beauty, with its own set of memories. Her father inspired her to hold on to those memories through photography, supporting this passion throughout her life. This passion has never diminished, and, every day since his passing in 2006, she is reminded that some of her best memories of him are those memorialized in photographs. One glance at a picture evokes a million emotions, and their intertwined memories. Kaplan Pro Photo is a testament to what Innas father instilled in her. We are here to preserve the stories you’ll want to share for generations.

Kaplan Pro Photo provides photographers for all occasions in the New Jersey and New York metro area. We specialize in (but are not limited to) portraits, weddings, Christenings, baptisms, communions, birthdays, engagement parties, anniversaries, showers, real estate, corporate events and sporting events. Inna Kaplan has over 18 years of experience and an exceptional eye for detail. All of our associates love working with people and are passionate about creating photographs to be treasured and shared for years to come. Treat yourself to our wonderful photography experience. You deserve it!

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